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Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings 2017
3 Stars
National Average
3 small Stars
  ExcelCare Home Health National Average
How often home health team checked patients for depression. 98.4% 97.8%
For Patients with diabetes, how often the home health team got doctor’s orders, gave foot care, and taught patients about foot care 95.4% 97.4%
How often patients got better at bathing 68.8% 76.6%
How often home health patients had to be admitted to the hospital 11.9% 15.8%
How often patients had less pain when moving around 90.3% 77.2%
How often the home health team taught patients (or their family care givers) about their drugs 99.2% 98%
How often the home health team checked the patient’s risk of falling 100% 99.5%
How often patient receiving home health care needed any urgent, unplanned care in the hospital emergency room, without being admitted to the hospital 17.2% 12.9%
How often home health team began their patients’ care in a timely manner 87.5% 93.9%