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Begin Your Home Health Care Journey

Begin Your Home Health Care Journey

Excelcare Home Health withstood years of service to provide quality, affordable, and personalized home health care experience for people who have different medical conditions that require unique and special care on an ongoing basis. It is our top priority to cater patient needs while considering ethics, legal agreement, and client schedule.

You can trust that this home health care in Skokie, Illinois can facilitate our patients with utmost care and attention because our high standard service has gained recognition as one of the leading home health agencies experts in Illinois.

We are a team of professionals with medical training and years of experience in pursuit of patient recovery and client satisfaction through in-home care in Illinois. These experts include:

  • registered nurses skilled in individualized and family nursing care as well as in delegating certified home health aides
  • physical, occupational, and speech therapists
  • licensed medical social workers who assist patients after hospitalization
  • dietitians who are experts in treating disease-related malnutrition like nutrition therapy and weight management programs
  • podiatrists tasked to treat disorders related to the structure of the legs such as foot and ankle as well as pain management and wound care

We wanted to create an atmosphere of nurturance by ensuring that patients are well-cared for in the comfort of their homes whilst maintaining professionalism as respect to the role of family members in the patient’s general health care process. Furthermore, we designed unique care plans for our patients’ specific needs like heart failure, diabetes with insulin, and orthopedic care plans, among others.

Finally, we dedicate our time in promoting patient recovery and avoidance of re-hospitalization through assistance that reckons rental arrangements and purchase of durable medical equipment, and medical advisory for guaranteed compliance of treatment care plans.

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