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Making Meals More Enjoyable for Seniors


Eating might become less pleasurable as we age due to a reduced sense of taste or scent, as well as a loss of appetite induced by health conditions or drugs. Mealtime, especially for seniors who live alone at home, may become a tiresome job or an exercise in snacking while watching TV.

Excelcare Home Health believes that healthy eating should be about enjoying delicious cuisine, using nutritious products, and dining with friends and family. By following these easy recommendations, your professional home health aides can help you revitalize grandpa and grandma’s pleasure of meals.

  • Make it social.
    Eating with others is frequently more pleasurable than eating alone. If your elderly relatives live alone, visit them and have a nutritious dinner with them. You may also plan a family meal or get-together.
  • Make food visually appealing.
    Visual appeal can assist in overcoming the difficulty of decreased taste and smell. Include a variety of vividly colored fruits and vegetables with each meal. According to research, people with dementia ate more when food was placed on dark blue plates.
    Make food easy to eat.

    Prepare foods that are easy to chew if your elders have difficulty swallowing. You may also choose non-slip utensils that are easier to hold.

  • Slow it down.
    Encourage your loved ones to take their time eating. Chewing food thoroughly makes dining more pleasurable by giving you time to absorb the flavors and sensations. Slower eating is also beneficial for digestion.

If you are unable to provide this care for your elderly, a home health care in Skokie, Illinois can assist you. Our in-home care in Illinois supplements the love and care you provide for your loved ones by providing expert caregiver services to keep your elders happy and healthy.

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