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Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs a Home Health Aide


When you see your senior loved ones struggling to care for themselves, it can be tough to watch. You want to make sure their needs are well provided while maintaining their sense of independence. Home health aides make this possible.

Home health aides assist with activities of daily living, like bathing, dressing, and grooming. They also provide companionship and much-needed break for family caregivers.

This guide presents common signs that indicate it might be time to get in-home care in Illinois for your senior loved one.

  • Poor Personal Hygiene

    If you notice that your senior love done is struggling with personal care, it may be time to talk about hiring a home health aide.

  • Unable to Complete Household Tasks

    When the dishes pile up and garbage is left out, these are clear indications that your loved one is having trouble maintaining a clean and organized home.

  • Eating Habits Change
    If your loved one is missing meals without even noticing, this could be a big red flag. With a home health aide, you can have someone prepare meals and ensure they’re eating on time.

At Excelcare Home Health, we have well-trained home health aides who can help your senior loved one live a happy and healthy life at home. Contact our home health care in Skokie, Illinois today

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